Manticore Batteries is starting!

We need to bring battery production to the Netherlands!

We are starting up Manticore to bring this idea to life.


The energy transition needs batteries, in all shapes and sizes. With renewable production soaring the resulting grid congestion becomes larger every day. The solution lies in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), and those rely on the use of lithium-ion batteries for the next decade.

Although there is European production of battery cells for the automotive sector, the cells for BESS are sourced from the far east. A supply stop from China poses an operational risk for the European downstream BESS industry.

There are no cell factories in Europe that produce battery cells for BESS. Cell production is a critical step in battery production, where raw materials are combined into an energy carrier before they are assembled into modules and then into applications.

The Netherlands has a strong academic presence in the battery world. And we have companies building the next-generation technologies. But we are convinced that a healthy ecosystem for batteries in The Netherlands needs a robust production site for current, market-ready technology as well. We need to bring production knowledge to our country!


Manticore Batteries will build a factory producing reliable LFP/G cells (the default for BESS). This is the first step to independence. Currently we can already source most raw materials, equivalent to more than 60% of the cost of the cell, from fully western suppliers.

Moreover, new EU battery regulations give an advantage to European cells, because compliance and certification is a given.

LFP global battery market share outlook to 40% by 2030 - UBS research


A future with Manticore in the Netherlands enables a robust hedging strategy against geopolitical influences from the far-east for businesses that operate downstream. Being the first cell manufacturer in NL gives advantage regarding academic and government goodwill.

Interested? Join us in our journey!